Si-Tecno Oy

The SiMAP system is developed, manufactured and marketed by Si-Tecno Oy, a building technology company based in Helsinki.

Si-Tecno Oy started over 30 years ago as an engineering company specialising in the design of demanding comprehensive electronics solutions from microcircuit design to system design. Si-Tecno’s design customers have included large telecommunications companies, manufacturing equipment producers and public authorities, among others.

Si-Tecno’s first entry into building technology was the Linet channel solution, which allows building automation to be controlled using a network that is easy to build. The Linet technology is still in use today in SiMAP® automation systems, where it makes easy installation possible.

“Our strength is continuous product development and an interest in better building management”

SiMAP®'s origins

Around the end of the 2010s, Si-Tecno transformed from an engineering firm to a building automation specialist. Our strong product development expertise in many different industries offered the opportunity to create a completely new technology for managing and controlling buildings. The radio technology now used for measurements at properties, for example, was originally developed for monitoring the vital signs of firemen in burning buildings.

The first product associated with measurements at properties was the portable measurement case, which can be used for maintenance measurements. When compared to traditional data-saving loggers, the measurement case allowed the situation at the property to be monitored in real time, which generated significant additional value when resolving different types of problems in buildings.

Soon after the measurement case was introduced to the market, customers inquired about a fixed installation system, where sensors that measure the temperature and humidity could be permanently installed in rooms. In 2011, Si-Tecno Oy fulfilled this wish by introducing the SiMAP® measurement and adjustment system, which was well-received by many significant property owners.

Si-Tecno today

Si-Tecno Oy is a rapidly growing building technology company. The revenues from the SiMAP® business have nearly doubled several years in a row, and with our in-house product development expertise, we are constantly developing the product range based on customer feedback.

Nearly all of the largest residential property owners in Finland are our customers. In addition, our customers manage everything from public and commercial properties to housing cooperatives.

Our vision is to make the technical management of properties as efficient as possible through technology. Everyone benefits from this: property owners, users and even our shared environment.

Technology plays an important role in our thinking. In order for us to fulfil our vision, we need state-of-the-art technology. We want to offer our customers solutions that have been implemented using the best technology in the world. We are a market leader in technology and intend to remain at the top also in the future.