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What are we famous for?

The world’s first and only: SiMAP OptiControl™ is the world’s first centralised room-by-room heating regulation system based on a radio network covering the entire building.

Mission: we use digital technology to make buildings more functional, more environmentally friendly, and easier and cheaper to maintain.

Data: Our technology measures the indoor conditions in thousands of buildings, and more than 60,000 wireless measurement points are already sending 100 million measurements to our cloud service daily. The data generated by our solutions is first-class material for modern machine learning and smart systems, and it can be used to optimise heating and building maintenance.

SiMAP Oy is backed by a group of highly experienced professionals in the fields of real estate technology, real estate investment, system design, cloud technology and the commercialisation of technology. We are motivated by the opportunity to bring the heating of buildings up to modern-day standards, thereby reducing the carbon footprints of buildings and enhancing their maintenance.

We possess a wealth of experience in putting real estate technology into practice – also from the customer’s standpoint. Technology should make things easier and more efficient, not more difficult and complex. Our strength is that all our technology is in our own hands, from the radio technology and electronics all the way to the cloud interface.

The wireless measurement technology designed by our team is currently in use at more than 60,000 measurement points, and our cloud service receives more than 100,000,000 measurements a day. A large volume of first-class data provides us with a deep understanding of different types of real estate and their thermodynamics. Data measured systematically in buildings is the ideal material for machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. The future of property maintenance will be built on this data!

However, we do not cling onto the data. We only ask our customers for the right to use the data to develop our services. The data always remains the property of the customer, and the customer may use it as they see fit.

We know that transferring data between services and integrating it into building automation are not always easy jobs. We take care to ensure that we do not stand in the way of compatibility, and we always seek to offer the simplest and easiest-to-use interfaces. The sooner a comprehensive ecosystem is formed around innovations in the sector, the better it will be for all parties – and for the climate. We are as open and collaborative as possible in our working methods. We are happy to discuss potential cooperation with all parties.

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