SiMAP digitises heating

We are the first company in the world offering an entirely new way of managing your heating system. Increase comfort, save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

We have brought property heating into the digital age!

Many have tried, and we have succeeded. SiMAP provides the only wireless centralised smart heating regulation system that can be configured all the way down to individual rooms.

When we go to a hotel, we set the temperature of the hotel room ourselves. When we get in the car, we set the temperature of the air conditioning exactly as we like it. But at home or at work, most of us just have to make do with the temperature that the central heating chooses for our rooms.


Heating for buildings is the single largest consumer of energy and source of carbon emissions. In most buildings, central heating means that the building’s heating is controlled in just one place – the heat distribution centre. Most buildings do not even measure the heating in different rooms. 

 However, SiMAP can now offer a low-cost retrofitted heating solution that provides dynamic heating control for each individual room in buildings with water-circulating heating systems.

 Smart digitised heating significantly improves the energy efficiency of buildings and decreases the life cycle costs related to maintenance. Simply cutting down on excessive heating can yield substantial savings in energy costs, but room-by-room control enables the entire building to be heated in a more moderate way that caters more precisely to the occupants’ needs. Avoid expensive overheating, and living comfort improves.

The solution provides comprehensive control and measurement of the building’s heating system, thereby facilitating the maintenance of the building and ensuring that servicing and repairs are only carried out where they are actually needed. Demand-side management – an important part of the energy transition – is only really possible when temperatures can be controlled room-by-room.

SiMAP OptiControl™

SiMAP OptiControl™ is the only centralised heating regulation system on the market that can be configured all the way down to individual rooms. The solution enables centralised, precise and cost-efficient heat regulation, as well as maintenance, monitoring and reporting for large building masses. SiMAP open, easy-to-use interfaces allow current and future systems to make extensive use of data about the property.

SiMAP OptiControl™ is the only system on the market to meet the requirements imposed by the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive on smart systems (the Smart Readiness Indicator or SRI).

“No building could be in better balance.”

Teemu Jalomäki

Property Manager, Asuntosäätiö

“Eihän paremmin tasapainossa olevaa kiinteistöä voi edes olla.”

Teemu Jalomäki

Kiinteistöpäällikkö, Asuntosäätiö