For the tenant

The SiMAP system also benefits the tenant. It is easier to maintain the property when the conditions are known.

The SiMAP system improves living comfort, reduces the carbon footprint and helps with maintenance. The system continuously measures the indoor temperature, humidity and ventilation. Comprehensive measurement data enables stable indoor conditions to be maintained and problem areas to be addressed efficiently.

Living comfort in appropriate conditions

  • A home that is too warm or cold reduces living comfort and can even be bad for one’s health. The recommended average indoor temperature is 21°C.
  • SiMAP’s heating adjustment produces even temperatures in apartments, which increases living comfort. Temperature differences between apartments can be corrected by balancing the heating network, which can now be done better than before. The measurement data from the SiMAP system is helpful when balancing the radiator network, as it offers measurement data before and after adjustment.
  • In addition to temperature, the system also measures humidity and ventilation. Moisture damage can be detected early and even prevented with the measurement data.

Quick installation

  • A measurement sensor is installed in each apartment with the SiMAP system. The installation of the wireless sensors takes only a few minutes per apartment. The sensor does not require the resident to do anything.
  • Problems are detected accurately
  • Problems with heating and ventilation are detected quicker and more accurately with the measurement data. Processing feedback from residents is also easier when the measurement data is available, and problems can be resolved quickly.
    For example, feeling cold could be caused by low temperature or draughts in the apartment. The root causes for draughts are often improperly adjusted ventilation or missing seals. If the coldness is caused by a draught, the correct solution would be to first address these problems.

For the property owner

The SiMAP system is a cost-efficient way to improve how well the property can be managed throughout its life-cycle.

Benefits of SiMAP

  • The SiMAP system’s heating adjustment allows significant cost savings through energy-efficiency of the building. The saved energy costs reported by our customers are typically 5-15 % of the purchased heating energy, which results in a payback period of 2-4 years.
  • Using the intelligent adjustment system, short-term price fluctuations in energy prices can be used to generate savings.
  • The SiMAP system keeps the property’s temperature stable throughout the heating season. Stable temperatures increase the satisfaction of the residents and users of the property.
  • Comprehensive measurement data is generated cost-effectively. Measurement data can be obtained from the indoor temperature, relative humidity, pressure differences and carbon dioxide levels.
  • The management of multiple properties is easier when real-time data that can be compared to other properties is obtained from all buildings.
  • The real-time measurement allows for the condition of the property to be monitored with more ease. Using the measurement data, potential problems become apparent and they can be addressed with targeted actions.
  • The comprehensive measurement data obtained from the building’s indoor conditions and heating and ventilation systems allows the systems to be balanced effectively. A good balance is a prerequisite for optimal energy use.
  • Processing feedback associated with indoor conditions is easier when you have access to actual measurement data.