The SiMAP system is a building measurement and control system enabling optimal building control. The core of the system is a wireless sensor network giving a comprehensive view into indoor conditions. This information makes it possible to save energy without sacrificing living comfort or to detect lingering moisture problems. The system is accompanied with a an easy-to-use cloud service for data storage, monitoring, and remote control.

SiMAP solutions are based on new thinking and technology. The SiMAP wireless measurement network has the best battery life and signal penetration of any building-wide measurement networks available today. In addition, it is the only system which can be used to make continuous pressure differential measurements between different premises without having any pressure connections between premises.

Comprehensive measurements make it possible to improve the property management throughout its complete life cycle. Indoor conditions have a direct impact on the well-being and comfort of the tenants.

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Comprehensive measurements from all apartments give reliable information on indoor conditions. This information can be used for, e.g., controlling the heating system and monitoring the condition of the building.

Commercial properties benefit from comprehensive indoor condition measurement. The measurement information makes it possible to monitor and improve the conditions, which in turn improves health and performance of the people working in the building.

SiMAP solutions make it possible to find the causes of indoor problems and even prevent the problems in, e.g., schools, daycare centers, museums and government offices.

A wide-spread real-time measurement system help identifying and correcting problems in heating and indoor air quality. Measurement information enables preventive maintenance, and costly reparations may be avoided.