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The SiMAP system is a measurement and control system installed in properties, which allows a building’s services to be controlled efficiently. The system comprehensively measures the indoor conditions using a wireless measurement network and enables energy conservation without compromising indoor conditions. The cloud service is also an important part of the system. It allows data to be saved and monitored in addition to remote management.

SiMAP solutions are based on a new technology and a new way of thinking. SiMAP’s radio network has the best range and battery life on the market. In addition, it is the only system that can be used to easily measure pressure differences across all the rooms of a building.

The property can be controlled more efficiently throughout its life-cycle with comprehensive measurements. A property’s indoor conditions are directly linked to the well-being and comfort of its tenants.

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Comprehensive apartment-specific measurements provide reliable data on the indoor conditions of the building. The data can be used to monitor the condition of the property for adjusting temperatures, for example.

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Comprehensive sensor installations are usually selected for commercial properties. The measurement data allows the conditions to be monitored and improved, which promotes occupational health and efficiency.

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SiMAP solutions allows indoor problem areas to be identified and repairs to be targeted accurately in schools, day care centres, museums and office buildings.

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The measurement sensors can quickly identify any problems in heating, relative humidity and air quality. The accrued data can be monitored already when it is measured, and repairs can be started right away.