SiMAP is a comprehensive property management system that consists of:

a wireless measurement network with one base station and up to a thousand room sensors,
a controller installed in the heat distribution room, which is used to adjust the heating of the building and
a cloud service for data storage, monitoring and remote management.

Due to the advanced radio technology, the wireless measurement network is very easy to install. Installation of the room sensors is also quick and effortless and a single base station is sufficient for collecting measurement data even in a large building. This makes the system very effective and suitable for anything from terraced houses to large office properties.

Our wireless measurement sensors are battery-operated and they can be used to measure:

  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • pressure differences
  • carbon dioxide levels and more

The system is modular and offers a range of connection possibilities. At its simplest, only a measurement network is installed, which is connected to the existing building automation system with, for example, a Modbus connector. The measurement data can also be transferred to SiMAP’s cloud service, where it is quickly and flexibly available for review using either the browser interface or a machine-readable API interface.

In addition to the measurement network, a SiMAP adjuster is also often installed in the property. The adjuster utilises the measurement data and can be used to perform all of the regular functions for controlling heating. Naturally, the adjuster can be fully remote-controlled.

Ventilation efficiency can be monitored by measuring pressure differences and carbon dioxide levels. For example, balancing the ventilation network is easier with pressure difference data.

The SiMAP system is a cost-efficient way to improve how well the property can be managed throughout its life-cycle.

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``Comprehensive property management and real-time measurement``
``Properties cannot be managed without data. Data cannot be obtained unless it’s measured.``